El Cercado


El Cercado is the adjacent finca to Los Secanillos. Whereas Los Secanillos lies on a flat plateau of some 29000 square metres overlooking the Lecrin Valley (below), El Cercado is in a bowl forming its own valley of 16000 square metres. The gates from Los Secanillos which lead into El Cercado open onto a vista of the valley and Sierra Nevada. El Cercado, which means ‘enclosed’, is encircled by an old wall with four entrances (right).

It’s like an enchanted garden, with a small cortijo amongst a lemon grove, a very old ruin and many terraces, some of which are wide and leafy.

There are natural rockeries covered with vines and capers.

There are islands of prickly pear, huge gnarled, old olive trees

and almond trees. Different types of oranges, eating and those which make excellent marmalade, are mixed in with mandarins.

One can find fennel and wild asparagus, amid fig and pomegranate trees. Nispero and kaki trees grow well here. When the acequia is in full flow, a waterfall cascades down the cliff