Whilst it’s common knowledge that there are about 320 days of sunshine a year in Andalucia,

you could be forgiven for thinking that there are no seasons...but you would be wrong. 


These photos show Los Secanillos, the finca and the Lecrin valley as they are throughout the year.

June, July and August

As the summer heat approaches, the wild rosemary, lavender and thyme manage to flourish and their heavy scent becomes particularly apparent when crushed by the goat herds making their way home through the valley. 

January and February

In January and February, Spring is heralded by the pink and white

                         almond blossom    

                         and the developing

                         lemons and

                         cumquats on the

                         trees  in the


In September, the almond husking machines can be heard in the villages and on the fincas almond trees are being pruned.

By October, the Esparto grass is golden. There are still folk using the grass to make baskets, donkey panniers and place mats.


In April, the whole valley is filled with the heady fragrance of orange blossom. The orange harvest gets under way and everyone enjoys the annual orange fiesta, sampling numerous dishes with, of course, orange as the theme.


May is the month of yellow wild flowers, like broom, gorse and  white mustard. The ready supply of rocket for salads is coming to an end. The acequia which runs along the edge of the finca becomes a babbling brook.

November and December

The olive nets are brought out for the harvest in November and the local olive cooperativas and mills are busy turning the olives into oil.


Snow on the caps of the Sierras frequently stays until June, but snow in the valley is not seen often.



September and October

In March, the mirror orchid appears on the cliff edge. White irises flower soon after in front of the East terrace. While on the finca, wild flowers such as Rosie Garlic and Grape Hyacinth appear.

A rare dusting of snow in late December in the walled garden.